By almost every measure, the University of Illinois at Chicago is a key driver in the economic vitality of the city and the state.

Michael D. Amiridis, Chancellor

University of Illinois at Chicago

With about 27,000 students, the University of Illinois at Chicago is the city’s largest higher education institution and Chicago’s only public research university.

Great bang for the State’s buck

With every dollar of state investment, UIC leverages 8 dollars of other revenue.

UIC creates jobs

UIC is Chicago’s second largest university employer. Total compensation in wages, salaries and benefits were roughly $1.2 billion in 2013. UIC employees and students paid $99 million in income, sales and property taxes to the state and local governments.

The university has long been committed to providing compassionate care to high-risk, vulnerable communities, regardless of their ability to pay.

Robert Winn, M.D.

UIC Associate Vice President for Community-Based Practice


A college degree benefits more than just the student, it pays economic dividends to all of society.

Jauwan Hall

UIC Student Trustee

A UIC diploma is the gift that keeps on giving

Almost 3/4 of the added economic value generated by UIC is due to increased education attainment by our graduates.

Providing access is what we do

UIC students received $461 million in financial aid which includes grants, loans and work-study awards from UIC, government and private funds.

At UIC, the creative enterprise is both our business and our passion. We leverage the potential of students and expertise of faculty to solve real-world problems and deliver real-world results.

Peter Pfanner, Executive Director

UIC Innovation Center

Chicago’s public research university

UIC is one of four Carnegie I institutions in Illinois, along with Northwestern, University of Chicago and UI Urbana-Champaign. Of these four, UIC is the only public institution with the “very high research activity” designation in Chicago.

Driving economic development

UIC drives innovation and facilitates economic development across our city and state. Many UIC research efforts lead to disclosures, patents, and licenses.